Hannibal Buress Mic Cut After Priest Joke at Catholic University

Hannibal Burress had his mic cut off during a performance at Loyola University Chicago's annual Colossus event Saturday night while joking about the Catholic Church's child molestation scandals.

According to The Wrap, the set at the Catholic university began with Buress sharing an email he received about Loyola's strict guidelines for his performances. The email barred him from joking about rape, sexual assault and sexual orientation, and he could not use any foul language.

Then, he started talking about child molestation, only to have his microphone cut. The crowd started booing, but then they stopped so the 35-year-old comic could be heard without the mic.

Organizers started raising the background music volume to make it impossible to hear him. He then walked off the stage for about 15 minutes. He then came back on and finished his performance.

Leslie Wetland, the assistant director for Loyola's Department of Planning, told the Loyola Phoenix it was not responsible for Buress getting cut off. Although the office does organize the Colossus event, the Student Development Administrators make the decisions once the show starts.

"DOP students did not make any day-of decisions for Hannibal Buress' show," Wetland told the school newspaper. "Student Development Administrators made the decisions."

During the unplanned 15-minute break, Buress responded to a tweet from a fan who complained about Buress getting cut. "Weird way to celebrate sweet 16," Buress wrote, in reference to Loyola's win over the Tennessee Volunteers Saturday. Buress later deleted the tweet.

Ally Boly, a student, told the Phoenix there could have been a riot.

"I literally thought like I was about to witness a riot and I was ready to participate," Boly said. "Also it's wild that Loyola preaches about speaking up and speaking out but they're gonna censor someone doing just that, like that's wild. Also I'm really impressed with all the Loyola kids that stood their ground and refused to leave without an explanation."

Buress got a standing ovation from the crowd when he returned, and reportedly joked about the incident.


Buress is an Emmy-nominated comedian, and appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming last year. He also stars in Comedy Central's Broad City and was a writer on Saturday Night Live.