'Handmaid's Tale' Star Bradley Whitford Has Words for Kylie Jenner About That Themed Cocktail Party

Over the weekend, Kylie Jenner threw a party themed after the Hulu show The Handmaid's Tale to celebrate her friend Anastasia "Stassie" Karanikolaoui's birthday, which instantly sparked an incredible wave of backlash due to the fact that the show is set in a society centered around female oppression.

On Tuesday, Handmaid's Tale star Bradley Whitford responded to Jenner's bash during an appearance on The Talk, calling the makeup mogul's party "tacky."

"I don't know...seems a little tacky," Whitford said. "You know, that costume is so kind of iconic, and it's interesting how it's changed from initially a sort of symbol of oppression to now, as the show is moving ahead, to a symbol of resistance. So, yeah, a cocktail party seems to sort of dash all that significance."

Jenner's party featured the show's infamous costumes of red handmaid robes and white bonnets, cocktails named "Praise Be Vodka" and "Under His Eye Tequila" and guests greeting each other with the phrase "Praise be."

"The Handmaid's Tale is my favorite show ever, so for Stass' birthday, welcome to Gilead," the 21-year-old said in one clip, referencing the show's fictional location.

Social media users instantly began chiming in about the party, with some feeling that Jenner may have missed the point of the show when it came to her celebration.

Others were upset due to the fact that Jenner's privilege means she will likely never have to worry about reproductive freedom despite events currently happening in the United States.


Jenner did receive a number of supportive tweets, with several people pointing out that many pop culture phenomena have controversial themes.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @kyliejenner