Halsey Reveals Rare Photos of Her Dad

Halsey shared some rare family photos on Friday night, in honor of her father's 50th birthday. The singer posted three pictures of her dad, including one with herself and the rest of the family. Fans were touched by the sweet sentiment from a world-famous entertainer.

"It's my Dad's birthday today!!!" Halsey wrote alongside the post. "sorry I picked these pictures, goofy. They just always make me smile. I love you and you're the most charming, intelligent, kind dude I know. also if u know me [in real life] u know I foreal (sic) stole his whole ass face even though the printer was low on ink. Can't wait to cook you a bomb dinner and tease u bout being a few years closer to 50!!!!"

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Fans marveled at the photos, posting their own happy birthday notes for Halsey's father as well. Many also laughed at the jokes buried in Halsey's post — particularly the "low on ink" quip, which they took as a joke about how many mistake Halsey for white, even though she is biracial.

Halsey was born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane in Edison, New Jersey. Her parents both dropped out of college when they discovered that her mother was pregnant, according to a report by Rolling Stone. Her father, Chris, manages a car dealership. Her ancestry was identified as Italian, Hungarian, African-American and Irish.

Although many fans do not realize it, Halsey has never been quiet about her biracial identity. She has often referenced it on Twitter and Instagram and has spoken out on race-related issues in the U.S. Throughout the summer of 2020, she was an outspoken supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, making frequent posts in solidarity with protesters and directing her followers to charities and petitions that they could support.

Her biggest move was to launch the "Black Creators Fund Initiative" — a fund to provide financial support and other resources to Black artists of all kinds. The program is meant to function as a platform to boost voices as well, Halsey explained on social media back in June.


"If you're an artist, poet, graphic designer, writer, filmmaker, music producer, journalist, makeup artist, or creator of any kind, we want to see your work and want to help achieve your goals," the launch statement said.

So far, three artists have been buoyed by Halsey's BCFI: visual artist Sanni Kehinde — known professionally as Kennypenfreak, designer Asata Maisé, and musician Freddie. All have gotten a boost from Halsey on social media, but so far the BCFI has not set up a dedicated website or any other centralized hub.