Gwen Stefani Hilariously Forgets the Name of Her Duet With Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani admits she got "flustered" after a reporter from Access Online asked her about her upcoming duet with boyfriend and country music singer Blake Shelton. She was sharing the mic with fellow judge o, The Voice, John Legend, when she was asked about the duet. After adorably chatting about how excited she was to work on yet another song with her man, she quickly forgot the name of the tune when asked.

"Oh my gosh! The first time I get to talk about it," Stefani squealed with a smile on her face. "Yes, we do, and I'm really excited about it. This is going to be our — I feel like — our third song we've done together and I can remember just fantasizing about being able to work with Blake, but let alone now to be this far down to have another song, I never dreamed this would happen."

"So the song's magical," she continued, as Legend smiled next to her. "And it was just a really funny way that it came about, but it's going to be out soon, which is really crazy."

That's when Legend chimed in and asked the singer, "What's it called?"

"Um, it's called, um," she replied as she giggled and walked away from the mic. She then shouted for Shelton, who was down the line doing interviews.

Legend replied with, "Uh oh! Sorry," while laughing, as Stefani continued to call, "Blake!"

"I'm so flustered that you—" Stefani stammered, as Legend chimed in again saying, "I was ready to download it."

"You wanna know why [I forgot]?" she continued. "Because, I'm so flustered because I didn't expect you to talk about that song! I didn't know we were talking about it yet, and Blake won't pay attention to me!"

Stefani shouted for Shelton once again, and as soon as she caught his attention, she said, "I didn't know we were talking about our song today?"

Shelton hilariously responded with, "Well, they announced it that it was coming out on the album this week!"


"It's called, 'Nobody But You' and I'm on it and I'm in shock right now that you asked me that, it's been a big secret this whole time," she quickly said to the camera as Legend continued to laugh in the background.

Their other songs together include "You Make It Feel Like Christmas" and "Go Ahead and Break My Heart."