Gwen Stefani Admits She Was 'Really Confused' With Her Fashion Choices Throughout Career

Gwen Stefani is notorious for her fashion choices and becoming an icon among the music industry, but she's now admitting that she felt "confused" about her fashion choices and place in life earlier in her career when she was a part of No Doubt. On top of already feeling tangled, she went through a breakup — which didn't help — but was also dealing with her new life in the public eye. To say the least, it was a lot at one time for the singer.

"It's so true; if you go through a breakup or a really big change in your life, sometimes you go ahead and change your hair to try to, I don't know, wash whatever those feelings are out of your hair," she told ET when looking back at her hot pink hair she rocked at the time. "I was really confused at this time. I was 29 years old. I was really confused about my relationship. I didn't know who I was. I had come off a long, long tour. I had gotten famous. I got to buy a house. I got to move out of my parents' house. So much had happened."

"At the time, there was really only one brand that you could get, it was like Manic Panic," she continued. "I wanted my hair like cotton candy, light pink. I would have this vision of what I wanted and I ended up with fuschia pink hair for like a year. At that time too, I didn't have any budgets. I didn't have a stylist. It was literally on my own with all guys [from the band]."

Then, she went the complete opposite rocking a powder blue look during the 1998 MTV Music Awards, where she not only sported blue hair, but a blue bikini top along with chunky platforms and a black hoop skirt.

"I had just gotten home from tour and people would send me free stuff! I was like, 'What? Free stuff!'" she recalled. "And somebody sent me this product that was like this gel you put in your hair and it turns your hair a color, and it was blue," she said before mentioning that she felt inspired by Judy Jetson from The Jetsons.

Then, the Voice judge said that a woman she met through her manager is who made her unique skirt for her.


"The shoes were just, literally, somebody sent them to me, and same with the bathing suit top," explaining before joking that if someone got a free top like that fresh off tour and new to fame, they would wear it, too.

While Stefani continued to grow her look and sound, she may have toned down on the wild colored hair, but she's still known for her incredible and original style.