Guy Ritchie Reveals New Hair Transplant Photo

Guy Ritchie is showing he has a lot more hair these days compared to 10 years ago. In a photo his wife Jacqui shared of the two, the Snatch director revealed a new head of hair. On Instagram, the famous director's wife shared a sweet photo of the couple before they were married from 2010 when fans noticed a visible difference in his hairline. When she partook in a the "first photo" challenge, the picture from a decade ago shows his hair a little thinner and with a receding hairline. In the photo from 2020, his hairline changed significantly, and the fullness of it seemed a lot thicker.

According to hair restoration expert, Craig Henton, owner of Cheshire's MHR Clinic, "The photos show a big change in Guy's hairline. It's obvious he has had treatment for hair loss and reversed his male pattern baldness. His hair loss in 2010 is reasonably advanced. 10 years on his hair seems much fuller and to be growing in areas where it wasn't before," Henton told the Daily Mail. He added, "For that to occur he'd have to do something. Whether it involved a surgical procedure or just medications is hard to tell."

Ritchie and his wife got married in July 2015 after five years of dating. The two share three kids together: Rafel, 8; Levi, 5, and Rivka, 7. Ritchie, who was previously married to Madonna from 2000 to 2008, share sons Rocco, 19, and David, 14. While the Aladdin director and music icon continue to co-parent their children, it wasn't an easy process coming to an agreement following their divorce. In 2016 their case came to an end after a long battle. "Guy Ritchie is delighted to have this case behind him," his attorney said according to Us Weekly. "Everybody in the family is happy that an agreement has been reached and Rocco can continue to live with his father in London."

Things took an ugly turn for the family when their oldest son refused to fly to the United States for Christmas, which left his mom broken hearted. However, one source at the time alleged that Ritchie was the one stirring the pot on why his son wouldn't go back to his mom. "This entire thing is 40 percent Rocco and 60 percent Guy. Guy is trying hard to mess with her again," a source said. Things got so bad that their case went all the way to the New York Supreme Court. However, now, the couple seem to have worked everything out and are doing well.