Grimes' New Tattoo Covers Her Entire Back and Will Be 'Beautiful Alien Scars'

Grimes' newest tattoo is out of this world. The singer's entire back is covered in intricate [...]

Grimes' newest tattoo is out of this world. The singer's entire back is covered in intricate patterns of thin, pale lines from shoulder to shoulder and from her neck to her waist. She said that when the piece is finished, it is "gna be beautiful alien scars."

Grimes' new tattoo is a symmetrical, abstract pattern covering her entire back in what looks like laceration scars. She wrote that it was done "in white ink by" a tattoo artist named "tweakt" or "Jancob" on Instagram, with "sum help from the alien computer brain of" Nusi Quero. She added: "Don't have a good pic cuz it hurts too much and I need to sleep haha, and it'll be red for a few wks, but gna be beautiful alien scars. Hope everyone's having a good day."

The post has already picked up over 274,000 likes and counting, and fans have left comments praising the new tattoo. One person wrote: "Battle wounds from a visualized war," while another added: "beautiful alien momma." A third commented: "I love you! Looks so good bestie."

Others were not so fond of the design. One person questioned the connotations of the tattoo, writing: "This literally looks like whip marks. Yikes." Another added: "You coulda had someone just scribble on your back for a lollipop," while a third wrote: "Looks like random scribbles. But ok."

Of course, Grimes is no stranger to criticism — of her distinctive sense of style and her moves in her career and personal life. The 33-year-old singer is best known as a singer-songwriter with an eclectic dream-pop style, although her marriage to Tesla founder Elon Musk has at least as many headlines at this point. Musk is intent on populating Mars through his rocketry company SpaceX, and Grimes has fully invested in that dream.

Back in January during a Livestream on her YouTube channel, Grimes told fans that she planned to move to Mars permanently after her 50th birthday — assuming Musk makes the trip possible. When asked what she planned to do there, she wrote: "MANUAL LABOUR UNTIL DEATH MOST LIKELY BUT HOPEFULLY THAT CAN CHANGE." In an interview with The Face in February, she reiterated this ambition, saying that helping to colonize Mars is "one of the main things I'm trying to do."

Finally, last month Grimes posted photos of herself at the SpaceX facility in Texas, with the caption: "Ready to die with the red dirt of Mars beneath my feet." For now, the singer's "alien scars" tattoo will have to hold her over.