Griffin Gluck Jokes 'Big Time Adolescence' Script Is 'Coming to Life' Through Friendship With Pete Davidson (Exclusive)

Big Time Adolescence is definitely not a movie meant to be used as a role model, yet Griffin Gluck joked that the script is "coming to life" in some ways through his friendship with his co-star, Pete Davidson. The actor said that writer-director Jason Orley fears that his creation is becoming real. Hopefully Gluck and Davidson's real-life friendship is healthier than that of their on-screen counterparts.

Gluck spoke to in an exclusive interview ahead of the worldwide release of Big Time Adolescence this week. The movie — which made waves at Sundance Film Festival last year — stars Gluck as Mo, a teenager who forms a tight bond with his older sister's ex-boyfriend, Zeke (Davidson). What follows is a story of underage debauchery, but also powerful found-family relationships.

Fans have seen that Gluck and Davidson's friendship became really through filming the movie, as they have palled around on red carpets and other outings since then. Gluck laughed recalling that Orley feared his script had had manifested a real Zeke and Mo relationship.

"Jason likes to laugh at how he thinks that the Big Time Adolescence script is slowly coming to life in real life," he chuckled.

While the parallel may be funny and hard to ignore, Gluck assured that his friendship with Davidson is actually quite wholesome. He said that their dynamic is far less about mentoring than that of their characters.

"Pete and I just became friends off of this," he said. "And obviously there's an age difference between us. So if that's all you really pay attention to in Big Time Adolescence, is the age difference, then I would say yeah, totally. But I think there's a lot more going on than just, you know, Zeke and Mo."

Now that he is close with Davidson, Gluck said that he is very open to the possibility of dropping in on Saturday Night Live sometime. Asked about the chance of appearing on SNL in any capacity he said: "Yeah, are you kidding? That would be sick!" adding that it was "something I would love to do."

Gluck has an older sister in real life, and said that he drew on some experiences of hanging out with her college friends when preparing for this movie. He said that, for fans of his previous work like Tall Girl and American Vandal, this is "a bit of a departure" from the kinds of roles he is best-known for.

"I think this is a healthy draw away from the normal, but it's not too crazy far out there," he said.

Gluck recently appeared on the hit new Netflix original series Locke & Key as well, and he has another movie, Dinner in America, hitting the festival circuit this year.


Big Time Adolescence will be available to stream on Hulu starting on Friday, March 13.