Golden State Warriors Player Stephen Curry Involved in Car Accident

Stephen Curry was involved in a multi-vehicle accident, after he crashed his car Friday while driving in Oakland, though he remained unharmed.

The two-time National Basketball Association MVP Golden State Warriors player, who is currently out with a groin injury but leading the NBA in scoring, was on his way to a practice when the crash occurred on Highway 24 before 9 a.m. local time.

California Highway Patrol revealed to Deadline that Curry's car was hit twice, once by a car that spun out and then by a vehicle that rear-ended his Porsche, causing damage to the vehicle.

Highway Patrol also stated that weather likely played a role in the crash. Curry was reportedly able to stop near the center median while he waited for the authorities to arrive.

The basketball player opened up on social media about being grateful he made it out of the scary situation unscathed,

"Don't need any reminders but All the Time God is Great and God is Great all the time! Appreciate all the texts," Curry tweeted hours after the accident.

Fans of the basketball player were happy to hear from Curry after the incident, and responded to his message with positive comments and similar stories.

"Thankful God has his arms around you," one user commented.

"God bless you!! I always keep you and your family in my prayers!!" another user wrote.

"I'm glad to hear everyone is okay. Objects can always be replaced but people can't," a third user said.

"I have been in a head on accident and survived," another user commented. "The car that hit my front end launched into the sky and rolled over 2 times! I thought they were dead, they had cuts and scrapes and I was crossing an intersection. It was scary as hell... Glad you survived like me."

Curry remains on the lineup for the Warriors, who are expected to host the Portland Trail Blazers Friday night. The basketball player is dealing with a groin injury, which he initially suffered on Nov. 8 in a game against the Milwaukee Bucks, that has kept him out of the court for the past seven games.

"I am so glad you walked away from this safe and sound. Prayers Up!" another Twitter user said of the accident.


"I'm so happy you're ok my heart stop a minute when it came over the wire," another user commented.

"Yes sir, Mr. Curry you are a true child of GOD Almighty! Given All Glory to GOD!" a third user wrote.