Ginger Zee Missing From 'Good Morning America' After Illness

Good Morning America co-host Ginger Zee is much better now, but she was working through a bit of a struggle earlier in February. At the time, Zee revealed she had been dealing with the flu at the end of January. After that, her situation got worse and she's had to miss GMA. Today, Zee is doing much better despite still being absent from GMA, for good reason too. She's in Los Angeles interviewing Robert Downey Jr.

Zee was forced to miss Good Morning America a few times in past week, lamenting her situation on social media and explaining her run of bad luck. "It's really unbelievable," Zee says in her video, soldiering through with a hoarse voice. "Flu three weeks ago, Covid, and...we're not sure."

She also shared that her son is struggling with an illness, too, and could be the reason GMA is without her weather expertise. "Miles has been throwing up a lot, so I guess this is what you get with Pre-K," she noted.

"Flu & COVID within a month. Special. Hope you all are healthy. I'll be back as soon as I am able," Zee captioned the video. Fans and friends were quick to drop in some reactions and well-wishes. Zee's husband, Ben Aaron, was at the top of the heap with a reaction to her grizzled throat.

"I close my eyes and I'm married to Eartha Kitt!," Aaron wrote, adding in a hashtag "Marcus" referencing Kitt's appearance in Eddie Murphy's Boomerang. Martha Raddatz also delivered some good vibes to Zee, saying, "So sorry Ginger! Take care of yourself and I hope Miles feels better soon."

"I've got great care but these rolling fevers have taken me out," Zee wrote during her bout with the flu. "Hope to see you back on [GMA] soon. I was most excited to update the drought monitor today."

"When that influenza A light hits you just right... I haven't moved from bed in 48 hours but this Tamiflu is helping," she wrote in a later post along with a makeup-free selfie. "And I actually see light and have now gone 10 hours without a fever. I got laid out by this one." Zee had been at the end of her troubles it seemed, but that didn't remain the case. Here's to a speedy recovery.