Ginger Zee Calls out 'Trouble' in 'GMA' Career Amid Rumors of Exit

Ginger Zee continues to live in a topsy turvy existence, enjoying the great times and the lowdown, nasty ill times while missing time on ABC's Good Morning America. The GMA favorite recently got over the flu, followed up by COVID, and then a follow-up with dealing with her kid's own illness.

Her latest moment of woe came over the weekend when Zee reposted an infographic to her Instagram page that defined some scary news about her profession. "Trauma from experiencing extreme weather events can alter the way your brain works," the post reads. Zee added some overlay words, noting that she was "in trouble."

As The Sun notes, Zee has seen her share of extreme weather in her career. Most recently, Zee returned from Pasadena after reporting on Los Angeles' coldest weather in 35 years. She is also no stranger to major snow storms, hurricanes, and other wild weather that brings out the TV meteorologists.

The ominous Instagram story comes after her recent struggles with illness. She posted to social media that she was lucky to be alive after battling COVID and the flu in the span of a month. But apart from that, her time off and the addition of a new correspondent on GMA left some fans worrying Zee was moving on.

"Can't tell you how elated I am to introduce you to the newest member of our ABC weather team... Somara Theodore; So happy to have you onboard. You all will see her on GMA for the first time this Saturday!" Zee shared on social media. This sparked worries that Zee was moving on from her role on the show, which she quickly put to rest. "I'm not going anywhere – she's adding to our team ;)."

Clearly, it is tough to be a popular meteorologist on a major network morning show. People are always thinking you're on the way out or too sick to show your face. Given, ABC News has seen some shuffling of talent in recent months in the wake of Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes being fired after their affair went public. Zee is sticking around, though, so cool off.