George Clooney's Love for Brad Pitt Hits New Heights in Hilarious Ad

If you've ever thought about living with George Clooney like so many adoring fans around the world, now is your literal chance! The Oscar-winning actor is sharing a glimpse of what life would be like living with the perpetual prankster and it might also involve a lot of Brad Pitt. In a hilarious ad from fundraising organization Omaze, Clooney is offering one lucky fan and a guest of their choice the chance to spend time with him and his wife, Amal Clooney at their Lake Como, Italy home where you talk about anything from Flowbees to tequila, or even social justice.

Teasing the joys of a lifelong friendship, the sitcom-like ad sees Clooney bunking with a random roommate during the pandemic after the two met on Craigslist. "One of my favorite things about meeting new people is that you never know when a lifelong friendship is going to blossom," The Tender Bar director said. "In fact, by total dumb luck, I actually spent most of last year rooming with some random guy and we're basically best friends now, but don't take my word for it, just ask him."

With the ad jumping most hilariously to his roommate Bryon, the commercial for Omaze supporting the Clooney Foundation for Justice through grants from Charities Aid Foundation America, finds the baffled citizen irritated. "George Clooney swung by my house to pick up something he was buying from me on Craigslist and the stay-at-home order hit and he never left. The moral of the story is, don't use Craigslist," he said.

Starting out as a quick stop to buy a Batman action figure — though Clooney is irritated it's not "the one with the nipples" — the ad provides a glimpse into one of the worst living situations ever as Bryon discovers Clooney's quirks, including an obsession with his friend and fellow actor, Brad Pitt. Standing in the middle of a room covered in posters and memorabilia of Pitt, Clooney holds a pillow of the Ocean's Eleven actor's face, asking Bryon, "Can you believe Amal wanted me to throw this away? Not throwing this out, no way, man. Thank you for giving me a place. Me and Brad."


Of course, you might not have the same experience, but it will be a fun one for one lucky fan and a friend, who will have their flights and 4-star hotel paid for during their Italian getaway, get the chance to share a toast with the Clooneys and get to know them over lunch and share a photo together to remember the memorable day. Omaze discloses also that the trip will be held until it is "safe to travel and convenient for our partners," as safety and peace of mind are a top priority. To enter, head to Omaze. The event closes July 16, with the winner announced around Aug. 4.