George Clooney Says Wife Amal Has Experienced Sexual Harassment at Work

In the wake of the sexual harassment allegations that have been leveled at producer Harvey Weinstein over the past few weeks, a multitude of celebrities have come forward with their own stories, some involving Weinstein and some involving other, unnamed perpetrators.

Sexual harassment is, of course, not limited to Hollywood, and many have been sharing their experiences in other areas as well.

Actor George Clooney added his voice to the mix when he told Entertainment Tonight that his wife, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, has encountered harassment in her own field.

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“She's faced those exact kinds of situations in law,” he said. “It’s everywhere and so it needs to be addressed as if it’s a problem for all of us. And we have to take it on full force ‘cause the kind of assault that we're talking about now is – it’s so infuriating that this was allowed to go on as long as it did."

George also discussed the allegations against Weinstein, noting that he wishes someone with knowledge of the situation had come forward years ago.

“Harvey would talk about women that he'd, you know, gone out with. I didn't really necessarily believe that ‘cause to believe that would believe bad things about actresses that I know and like, and I didn't really buy into that,” he said. “But I will say that somebody knew and if there was a reporter that sat on a story for years and didn't write it, I want to know why because I would have liked to know to these stories. And if there was a newspaper or a website that had this information that investigated it, I'd like to see how much ad money they got from Miramax or from the Weinstein Company.”

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He added, “I want to know who took women up to a hotel room and then left them there for Harvey. I want to know who did that. Harvey's gonna get his and deserves it. But there's other people involved in this and the whole culture of this is gonna have to stop.”

The actor also shared that he hopes the conversation surrounding Weinstein will lead to change.


“We have to, moving forward, we have to make sure that now there has to be something good that’s gonna come out of all of this," he said. "And the thing that’s good that could come out of this is that women feel safer in talking about these situations, and in doing so, that it makes it much harder for men who would behave like this to do it, [knowing] that they'll get outed… they could lose their job or even go to jail if it goes that far. I think it’s important that that's gotta be the step forward from this. There has to be something good that comes out of it.”

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