Gayle King Gets Candid About Weight Gain Problem

Gayle King opened up about her struggle with her weight in an Instagram slideshow on Saturday and [...]

Gayle King opened up about her struggle with her weight in an Instagram slideshow on Saturday and said she could not blame the coronavirus quarantine for her weight gain. This is not the first time the CBS This Morning anchor shared scale photos on Instagram, as she chronicled her Weight Watchers journey in 2015 after her friend Oprah Winfrey became a part-owner of the brand. In King's latest posts, she revealed she gained 13 pounds over the past few months.

"CRISIS! The weight struggle is real! fatter than I've been in long time [and] scared to get a pedicure (big sigh) swipe left for the way we were," King, 65, wrote. "Ideal weight says Dr is 163... not happening anytime soon .. blaming corona quarantine & Halloween candy corns I just bought! Make it stop!" King's gallery began with a photo showing she weighed 172.2 pounds. The last photo showed her weighing 159.2 pounds earlier this year.

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King has often been open about her weight struggles. Back in September 2015, she shared a scale photo showing her weighing 184.5 pounds and she vowed to start Weight Watchers. Two months later, she posted another update, showing she weighed 167.5 pounds. "Aaargh! I had gotten DOWN to 166.0 Hate when [the] scale goes back UP...sticking with @weightwatchers tho-gonna blame thanksgiving.. WEEKEND," she wrote at the time, notes E! News. "I remember when this was my crisis weight now just grateful!!"

The TV anchor's fans have been supportive at every step, with many relating to her situation. Others offered some words of advice, telling her not to beat herself up over numbers. "Just numbers my friend. You'll be back to where you want to be in no time," one person wrote. "Usually, you get the most out of getting to the desired goal rather than actually arriving at it. Enjoy the journey!" Another person suggested she "be kind to yourself because you know you can guide yourself back on healthier paths."

Back in May, King said she was spending her time in quarantine playing Zoom games with some of her famous friends and noted how "difficult" it was to be single at that time. King told USA Today she disagreed with her married friends, who told her she was lucky to not have anyone stuck at home with her. "I don't buy that. To all of them, I go, 'Yeah, but you're glad he or she is there. You're glad about that,'" King said in May. "So it's just one of those things that – I do think it's difficult, but it's not something that we (single people) can't get past."