'Game of Thrones' Star Emilia Clarke Shares Rarely Seen Photos From Hospital After Aneurysm Scares

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke recently shares some rarely seen photos from her hospital stays after having multiple aneurysm scares.

In the photos shared by CBS This Morning, Clarke can been seen hooked up to hospital machines and appearing understandably exhausted from the many tests and surgeries she was forced to endure because of the life-threatening health issues.

Clarke recently opened up about the trying time while speaking to CBS This Morning.

"I was in the gym, and the most excruciating pain, like an elastic band just went like snap in my head and an enormous amount of pressure suddenly," she recalled of the first hemorrhage. "And then very, very, very quickly I realized I couldn't stand and I couldn't walk. And in that moment, I knew I was being brain-damaged."

Clarke then spoke about her second aneurysm — which came some years later — sharing, "So, the second one, there was a bit of my brain that actually died," Clarke explained. "If a part of your brain doesn't get blood to it for a minute, it will just no longer work. It's like you short circuit. So, I had that."

"So, they literally were looking at the brain and being like, 'Well, we think it could be her concentration, it could be her peripheral vision' [that was affected]," she said, then joking, "I always say it's my taste in men."

Clarke went on to share how the ordeal affected her state of mind, confessing that at the time she certainly questioned whether or not she was long for this world.

"You go on the set, and you play a badass character, and you walk through fire, and you speak to hundreds of people, and you're being asked to … work as hard as you possibly can. And that became the thing that just saved me from considering my own mortality, yeah."


"The brain injury," Clarke added, "grounded me in a way that nothing else could."

Photo Credit: Emilia Clarke / Instagram / CBS