'Game of Thrones' Actor Andrew Dunbar, Featured in 'Battle of the Bastards' Episode, Dies on Christmas Eve

Actor Andrew Dunbar, who appeared throughout the final three seasons of Game of Thrones, died [...]

Actor Andrew Dunbar, who appeared throughout the final three seasons of Game of Thrones, died suddenly on Christmas Eve at his home in Belfast, Ireland. An aspiring actor, Dunbar appeared as an extra during the show's sixth, seventh, and eighth seasons, as well as a stand-in for Alfie Allen's character, Theon Greyjoy, per The Independent. His death was confirmed by a spokesperson for The Extras Department, an agency in Ireland that places extras on film and TV sets.

"To say we are shocked and saddened at the passing of Andrew Dunbar is an understatement, the spokesperson said. "We have so many fond memories of the years Andrew worked with us. He was so versatile we could cast him in anything, he was such a talented performer he would always end up being featured, and he was so adored that he was always requested by productions again and again."

As an extra, Dunbar played numerous roles throughout the final three seasons of HBO's sword-and-sorcery epic, including the epic, action-filled sixth-season episode "Battle of the Bastards." He also had appeared in series like Line of Fire, Krypton and Derry Girls.

Dunbar's fellow Game of Thrones actor, Andy McClay, spoke about the loss of his friend to Belfast Live after news of his untimely passing.

"Everyone always wanted Andrew," said McClay. "There was just something about him that was special. People always felt good around him, happy, excited for the day's work and there was always a lot of fun when he was around. I'd say most of us felt the same when we came on set, we wanted Andrew to be there, we'd search him out. He was like a gel that kept us all together."

McClay also praised his friend's skills outside of acting. "He did a lot of different things, including working as a Game of Thrones tour guide which he was brilliant at. He could have made it as a professional actor but he really wanted to do his art and DJ. His DJ sets were amazing and when he did one set for Game of Thrones, he ended up doing them all for the end of season parties."

"I've cried and cried since I heard," McClay concluded. "My friend is gone and my heart is broken."

Dunbar is survived by his mother, Edna, as well as his brothers, David and Alan. He was preceded in death by his father, Roy.