'Fuller House' Star John Stamos Gets Massive Tattoo of Nick Jonas' Face: 'JoBrosForLife'

John Stamos may have escalated his prank war with Nick Jonas even more with a tattoo of the young [...]

John Stamos may have escalated his prank war with Nick Jonas even more with a tattoo of the young singer's face.

Stamos and Jonas have been locked in a game of chicken, allowing the whole world to watch on social media. The pranks generally involve the two stars wearing increasingly garish versions of each other's faces on clothes. This weekend, however, Stamos took it a step further, posting a photo of an apparent tattoo on Instagram and Twitter.

"#jobrosforlife," the actor captioned the image, whilst showed an inky portrait of Jonas on his inner forearm. An artist held his wrist steady while pressing a tattoo gun to his skin with the other hand, though many guessed that the image was fake.

"No Way!!!!" Jonas commented along with a string of laughing emojis, adding: "okay … okay."

Stamos doubled down on the tattoo, insisting it was authentic. He posted a screenshot of an article about the tattoo on Monday, noting the phrase: "appears to be getting a tattoo."

"Appears?" Stamos asked in his own text over the image.

So far, Jonas has not revealed his response to Stamos' new ink. The two have been battling it out for months now, starting in October 2018 when Stamos was seen wearing a Jonas Brothers t-shirt to the American Music Awards. The harmless gesture inspired Jonas to wear a sweatshirt with a picture of Stamos wearing his Jonas Brothers shirt on it.

"It's your move, John Stamos," he captioned the shot, and the rest is history. Things got more absurd with each volley from there. This month, Stamos posted a photo of himself lying on a pillow case which was printed with a picture of Jonas wearing his sweatshirt.

"Had the craziest dream last night..." he wrote.

Not to be outdone, Jonas had a full-sized comforter printed with the picture of Stamos lying on his pillow. Apparently, Stamos could see nowhere to go from there except the tattoo shop.

Fans are still reeling from each successive step in the prank war saga, and many online are dissecting Stamos' photo, dying to know if the tattoo is real. The actor has posted a few photos and videos of himself since then, but his forearm is conspicuously covered in each of them. Meanwhile, Jonas has been posting updates from the set of the new Jumanji sequel. There is no telling what Jonas could be cooking up in return. The movie is due out in theaters in December.