'Final Destination' Star Devon Sawa Just Had a Frightening Realization on Movie's Anniversary

Devon Sawa revealed an unnerving coincidence to his Twitter followers on Sunday — the [...]

Devon Sawa revealed an unnerving coincidence to his Twitter followers on Sunday — the anniversary of Final Destination.

Sawa had a starring role in the horror film, which followed teenagers through visions of their inevitable deaths. The movie made a lot of plot points out of coincidences and strange synchronicities, and on Sunday, Sawa experienced one himself, as he explained on Twitter.

"Final Destination came out 20 years ago today... I'm on flight 317... 3/17? March 17th?!! What the fu..." the actor wrote.

Sawa had one fact wrong, in that Final Destination actually came out in 2000, making Sunday the 19th anniversary of the film. This made many of the comments noting that three and 17 make 20 irrelevant.

Still, fans were awed by his strange synchronicity, and thought it must mean bad news.

"DEVON GET OFF THE PLANE NOW," wrote screenwriter Matthew D'Ambrosio.

"And you're finding disturbing coincidences just like you did in the movie! They better not play any John Denver or you may have to make a scene," another fan added.

For those that don't recall, Final Destination begins with Sawa's character, Alex Browning, sitting on Volee Airlines Flight 180 for a class trip. Browning panics when he has a vivid premonition that the plane will go down, and tries to get everyone off of the plane. He and a few classmates are left behind, and the plane does indeed explode shortly after.

From there, the survivors are plagued by strange accidents, and they die one by one. They begin to determine that they are marked for death, and Alex tries to find a way to cheat the system and get out of it.

The movie ended with a haunting cliffhanger, and spawned a long-runner, beloved franchise. Final Destination 2 came out in 2003, and Final Destination 3 followed in 2006. Each one followed a new cast of teens a few years after the previous adventure.

In 2009, a new installment titled The Final Destination came out. Finally, the most recent film version of the story, Final Destination 5, came out in 2011. Meanwhile, the franchise has always spawned novels and comic books set in the same universe, following teenagers racing against death.

Yet another Final Destination is in the works as we speak, though this one is being classified as a reboot. According to a report by THR in January, the writers of the Saw franchise are currently working on a "reimagining" of Final Destination, with no release date yet in mind.

Final Destination is available to stream on Netflix.