That Time Jamie Dornan Glued a Wig to His Crotch

The Fifty Shades of Grey films have catapulted Jamie Dornan to sex-symbol status, but in a new interview he reveals that he was a late bloomer who once glued a wig to his own crotch.

While appearing on the Graham Norton Show alongside Helen Mirren and Liam Neeson, Dornan recounted the story that took place when was 15 years old and got a little overzealous one night after performing in a play.

Dornan appeared in a production of Anton Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard in which he has to wear a wig full of dark, curly hair.

Following then play, he was planning to head to an after party and that's when he got the hair-brained scheme.

"I might meet a girl and maybe she drops a hand, so I had the idea to maybe cut off some extra hair," Dornan said. "So I went into the dressing room, I went into like the toilet, and cut off this like very curly jet-black hair."

He then glued the hair to his crotch-area. "I remember standing in front of the mirror going, 'That looks alright,'" the actor hilariously recalled. "Just the lengths you go to."

"Went to the party, I think I kissed a girl [and was] sort of really urging her to sort of, you know, without forcing her, urging her to sort of go down...for one night only, 'cause that seemed quite an impressive place to put your hand," Dornan joked. "Anyway, that didn't happen and actually, thank God it didn't 'cause I got home—it was a car crash down there."

The post-party hair-removal process was "physically and emotionally" painful, adding, "I did actually have about three pubes, naturally developed pubes. They went..."

This actually isn't the first humorous situation involving Dornan's downstairs to emerge, as last year he made waves online when a photo of him popped up that was quite surprising.

The photo in question is from a golfing excursion Dornan took over the summer, and there is a very noticeable bulge in the front of his pants that turned out to be just be a golf ball, but people were still obsessed with it.

When Twitter picked this up, they lost it. One user wrote, "Love the view," and included heart-eyes emojis. Another said, "The landscape of Mr. Dornan?"


Jokingly, one user said, "He is simply pointing out the direction to go. How nice of him." The majority of Twitter fans, however, were just very fascinated with the "view."

"Spectacular view! Landscape and beach aren't bad either," said one person, while another tweeted, "Hadn't noticed...the background as the foreground interest was holding my attention."