Farrah Abraham Puts on Her Santa Suit at Vegas Strip Club

Sometimes controversy finds Teen Mom cast member Farrah Abraham; sometimes she outright looks for it.

The MTV personality turned adult film actress, likely met those two options in the middle as she shared publicity photos from her recent appearance at Crazy Horse III in Las Vegas last night.

Abraham was not stripping at the club, she was just pole adjacent as a guest host/emcee for the evening.

Farrah Abraham Santa
(Photo: Getty)

The Teen Mom OG cast member is still on the MTV show -- despite producers "fake firing" her on the show over her adult performances. But going into 2018, Abraham isn't sure what her future with the reality show is, versus what she is able to earn with sales of her adult toy line as well as appearance fees generated by her new line of work.

Before the appearance at Crazy Horse, she told Us Weekly that she is always going to work hard, whether it is culturally accepted was not on her to decide.

"Right now I know I am making the right choices and I am here to finish up the filming of the season and I feel I have done the best I can do in good faith and not lose my work ethic," Abraham told Us Weekly. "So it is truly a sad case and a shame they have chosen to fire me and [they only care about] story line and that is really sad for the show.

"In the meantime, I am not letting it affect my personal life, which it has been, so I am going to go to Crazy Horse because that is something I love to do and why not, it is a holiday party."


According to a report by TMZ, Abraham specifically asked that the venue stock her dressing room with neon panties and a "vajazzling" kit.

She also had Crazy Horse III book "a pre-planned appointment with an affluent med-spa for service of 2 syringes of Sculpta facial filler." In addition, Abraham requested a 24 karat gold collagen breast firming gel mask as well as $3,000 in "Crazy Horse Diamond Dollars" so that she could tip the performers through the course of the night.