Farrah Abraham's 'Booty' Injections Video Has Social Media Fuming

Farrah Abraham recently posted a Instagram video showing how she gets "booty" injections, and the clip has social media users fuming. in the video, Abraham is seen getting fat injections from her doctor, which are revealed to last up to five years.

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"[Skinny girl problems] no more!" Abraham captioned the video. "[Heather Rohrer MPAS, PA-C] has a 5 year [artificial fat injection] for the girls who can’t gain weight or do not want a major surgery!" The clip has garnered a lot of comments, many of which are user angry with the former Teen Mom star.

"I honestly don't understand all these docs who keep performing these procedures. She's at a new place every other day. She def has body dysmorphia..which is so sad since shes so young. You need mental help [Farrah Abraham], not cosmetic procedures. I'm not saying that to be mean or being a hater...its just the truth," one user said.

"She’s really loosing her marbles, stop worrying about the flabby [a—] and fix your face. Not here being mean but you keep putting all kinds of stuff from different makers in your body that you’re truly messing your self up," another user commented.

"I feel so sorry for u Farrah. Clearly u are extremely desperate for attention and this is the only way u feel like u will get it," another person commented. "Must be bc of ur horrible child hood. And clearly u are lonely!! Keep focusing on ur looks its sad u messed up ur face but keep doing work on it if that makes u feel good!!"

Not everyone has been critical of Abraham's post, however, as some fans have expressed support and gratitude for her bringing awareness to this particular issue.

"People can totally hate on this, but those that actually have issues with no bum have a lot of back problems. So this could be extremely helpful to some. Having the ability to grow fat is pretty impressive," one person wrote, than asking Abraham, "Do you have booty implants? Or have you just done injections?"


"I'm actually excited to see how these work. I myself like the squats, but I have booty to work with, some don't and for those suffering with back pain could find this for relief. Hank Hills problem was no joke, it's an actual issue," the fan added.

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