Jason Sudeikis' 2021 Emmys Wardrobe Had Fans Seeing Double With Chris Evans' Look in 2019

Before Jason Sudeikis picked up his first Emmy award Sunday night, he impressed viewers at home with his velvet Tom Ford suit. Red carpet enthusiasts quickly realized that Captain America actor Chris Evans wore a very similar suit to the 2019 Academy Awards. The former Saturday Night Live star was nominated for four Emmys Sunday for the Apple TV+ comedy Ted Lasso, which earned Sudeikis the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series award.

While Sudeikis famously wore sweatshirts during virtual awards shows, he ditched the casual attire for the in-person 2021 Primetime Emmys. He did still have a little fun Sunday night. "I'm wearing Eazy-E Stance socks. Kind of my way of... keeping this all in perspective," Sudeikis told Karamo Brown during E!'s red carpet coverage, reports PEOPLE. Sudeikis confirmed he was not making this up by pulling up his pant leg to show off the socks with an image of the late N.W.A. rapper.

Despite the cool socks, most viewers focused on Sudeikis' jacket. "I appreciate Jason Sudeikis upcycling this suit from Chris Evans. They both wore the hell out of it," one person tweeted. "IS JASON SUDEIKIS WEARING THE CHRIS EVANS BLUE VELVET SUIT ???? we stan men with taste," another wrote. "Do you think Jason Sudeikis told his stylist that he wanted to look like Chris Evans?" one person wondered.

Ted Lasso also earned Sudeikis two nominations in the Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series category, thanks to the episodes "Pilot" and "Make Rebecca Great Again." Since Sudeikis is also an executive producer on the show, he was cited on Ted Lasso's Outstanding Comedy Series nomination. Sudeikis' co-stars Hannah Waddingham and Brett Goldstein also picked up Emmys.


Ted Lasso was inspired by a character created for NBC Sports' coverage of Premiere League matches. Sudeikis stars as the title character, an American college football coach hired to coach an English soccer team by an owner who wants to frustrate her ex-husband. The show's second season kicked off in July. New episodes are released on Fridays, with the Season 2 finale coming out on Oct. 8.