Eminem's Daughter Hailie Mathers Shares Moments at Lollapalooza and Fans React

The real slim shady's daughter resurfaced for a few festival photos and fans are loving every bit! Hailie Jade Scott attended the annual Lollapalooza festival in Grant Park, Illinois, where she shared several moments of her weekend with fans and naturally, the love poured into the comments section.

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swinging into the best long weekend of the summer 🎵🖤🎶

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"I knew you were there, you go every year. I been patiently waiting for you to post have fun for me while i am working," one user wrote.

Another added: "So much yes!!!" while another fan echoed, "so gorgeous!"

"I wish you a wonderfully weekend with a lot of fun!!! Warmest regards from Germany [kiss face emoji]," an onlooker posted.

In another photo the 23-year-old posted a cute photo of her in front of a Lollapalooza wall, posed wearing a crop top, paired with tan shorts and some cute shades. Her fans couldn't get enough of the cute summer look.

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Someone not only mentioned how great she looked in the weather-friendly outfit, but asked where she bought it. "Hi Hailie ! This outfit looks gorgeous on you [heart eyes emoji] where did you buy this ?" the fan asked.

Another fan complimented her look by calling her "amazing," while several others wished her a well weekend.

In her last post, she jokingly stated she was thankful for at least one year to recover before the next annual event.

One fan wrote, "Killin it gurrl," while another added, "Beautiful as ALWAYS [heart emoji]."


While she received a lot of love from her 1.6 million followers, she did get a lot of questions about her dad Eminem. A few people requested a sweet photo of the two be shared to her page, while others mentioned their hopes for a performance by him at the next Lollapalooza.

Scott admits that she's super close to her dad. In fact, she traveled with him last year to attend different festivals and events like Bonnaroo and the Governors Ball where he performed. Eminem is known for singing about Scott in several of his songs, he even dedicated the entire track "Castle" to her.