Eminem's Daughter Hailie Jade Serves a Spring Glow in New Golden Hour Photos

Eminem's daughter Hailie Jade Mathers continues to serve on Instagram, where she shared a couple [...]

Eminem's daughter Hailie Jade Mathers continues to serve on Instagram, where she shared a couple of photos Wednesday showing off a fresh makeup look. In the photos, she sits on the floor in the golden hour sunlight with her hair curled and pushed back in a pink headband. She dons a green T-shirt and denim jeans to complete the fun look.

"[I don't know] what's better- the fact that I got a golden hour pic in my cool makeup yesterday OR that i didn't notice wolf was passed out in the back of these until i decided to post them," she captioned the post, referring to her dog, who upon a close inspection of the photo is tucked away sleeping on a couch in the background. The post immediately got love from her 2 million followers. "Gorgeous, love your makeup!" one person wrote. "you're SO BEAUTIFUL!" another said. "wolf is honestly such a mood," another commenter laughed.

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Mathers' newest post comes about a week after she embraced her inner Slim Shady, channeling her dad Eminem in a photo that rocked a similar look — minus the eye shadow — that he wore when he attended the premiere of his 8 Mile film. "AM I THE ONLY ONE SEEING SHADY?" one fan wrote on that post. "Slim Hailie," another gushed.

Mathers, 25, is the daughter of Eminem and his ex-wife, Kimberly Scott. The rapper also has custody of Alaina, his sister-in-law Dawn's daughter, and Whitney, Scott's daughter from a previous relationship.

Mathers' dad has also been making headlines as of late, seemingly responding earlier this month to social media posts attempting to "cancel" him for his controversial lyrics and antics over the years of his decades-long career. For those alive during Eminem's rise to fame in the early 2000s, this is nothing new, but the trend seemed to start with young TikTok users from "Generation Z." Discovering the violence, misogyny, ableism and other issues in Eminem's lyrics for the first time, the young listeners began a semi-ironic social media campaign to "cancel" the rapper.

In an apparent response, Eminem released a new video for his song "Tone Deaf," which boasts the chorus: "I won't stop even when my hair turns gray (I'm tone deaf) / Cause they won't stop until they cancel me."