Eminem's Daughter Hailie Jade Mathers Has Fans Weighing in on Her Possible Hair Change

Eminem's daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers, asked for feedback on the prospect of switching up her hair color, and her followers did not disappoint. The 23-year-old Instagram influencer, who boasts 1.8 million followers on the social media platform, posted a picture of herself rocking her natural hair color, a light brown. In the caption, she revealed that she's looking to change things up, being as she has not dyed it in three years.

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thinking about what I wanna do to my hair.. I haven’t dyed it in 3+ years 😱

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As one would expect, the photo, which shows Mathers in an all-black Forever 21 and Topshop ensemble, racked up 73,000 likes and comments upon comments about what she should do next.

"I think you would really suit auburn," one fan wrote.

Another added, "You'd look so good with warm tone deep brown hair."

A third, more chaotic fan commented, "Dye it blue and just shock everybody."

Among the chorus of opinions, Mathers going blonde seemed to peak quite a few of her followers' interests.

"Think you would look [nice] with platinum blonde streaks," one fan wrote.

"what hair color do you have in mind?" a second commented. "I think light blonde would look good on you."

Another chimed in, writing, "Blonde, always. Tons and tons of highlights."

A fourth wrote, "Love to see you go back to blonde! You look amazing!"

Despite all this talk fo change, some of Mathers' fans loved her look just the way it is. They voiced their take in the comment section, as well, telling the influencer to let it be.

"Leave it," one wrote. "I bet it feels really nice with no hair dye in it."

"Don't dye it," another wrote. "It's beautiful."

Another seemingly content commenter added, "I love your hairstyle!!"

Yet another sounded off, writing, "Girl stay natural; you actually have good hair."


It's unclear what exactly what Mathers will do to her locks or she has already changed things up. She has not posted on Instagram since bouncing the idea of her fan base, aside from some Instagram Story posts that did not show her hair.

Photo Credit: Joseph Okpako/Redferns via Getty Images