Emily Ratajkowski Poses for Artistic Topless Photo Shoot

Emily Ratajkowski took her clothes off again, this time for celebrity photographer Norman Jean Roy.

emily ratajkowski black and white instagram photo
(Photo: Instagram/ Emily Ratajkowski)

The 26-year-old supermodel posted a black and white photo from an outtake of a recent photo shoot with Roy on Instagram. In the image, Ratajkowski is only wearing underwear and stockings. "Norman Jean Roy outtake," she wrote, adding a heart emoji.

The image came from a shoot for the cover of Vanity Fair Spain. She appears topless in many of the photos, including the one used for the cover.

According to Sports Illustrated, Vanity Fair Spain named her the leader of the "Selfie Era," a reference to Ratajkowski's popular Instagram photos.

"What's on Instagram is my life, it's what I've been doing in different moments of it," Ratajkowski told the magazine. "At some point I realized that social networks were a tool I could use to work. The evolution was gradual, natural, organic. Now it's my way of dictating what I want them to see from me at every moment."

The Gone Girl actress called her Instagram page her "visual diary," and she has a huge audience checking in to see her latest entries every day. She has 17 million followers on Instagram and 1.17 million followers on Twitter. She also has 143,000 followers for the Instagram page she uses to promote her swimswear brand, Swim by Emrata.

Ratajkowski surprisingly married Sebastian Bear-McClard in February, announcing the news on her Instagram Story. "Soooo, I have a surprise... I got married today," she wrote. The supermodel later posted another topless photo to show off her wedding ring and went completely nude for a March 21 photo for her husband.

Ratajkowski has repeatedly defended her risque photos, which critics say clash with her image as a feminist. But Ratajkowski insists women should be allowed to express their sexuality as they please.

"I think a lot of people really feel that the idea of a woman being sexual or being sexualised is the opposite of feminism," she told Harper's Bazaar Arabia earlier this year. "When I feel like, in some ways, that conversation itself can be oppressive to women, because you're telling them how to dress and how to act, which is actually the opposite of feminism."

She continued, "The idea that you have to adjust because of society's ideas of a sexualised woman or because of a patriarchal standard of beauty and sexuality is again putting pressure on women to change rather than the outside culture changing. However, if that makes a woman feel good, then likewise, who is anyone to tell them that they shouldn't do that?"


Photo credit: Instagram/ Emily Ratajkowski