Ellen Pompeo Seems to Shade ‘Today Show’ Hosts Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb With ‘Lay off the Booze’ Quip

Ellen Pompeo recently seemed to shade TODAY show hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb by making a "lay off the booze" quip on Twitter.

According to Too Fab, the whole things seems to have started when Pompeo appeared on Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk, and spoke about many things, including race relations, how she handles critics, and the fact that she has not spoken to her former Grey's Anatomy co-star Patrick Dempsey "since he left the show."

Over on their hour of TODAY, Gifford and Kotb seemed to focus solely on what Pompeo had to say about Dempsy, which prompted the actress to tweet, "Hey here’s a suggestion!! Maybe all of you over there lay off the booze and pay attention to the real conversation that took place?"

Many of her followers backed her up, calling out the fact that Pompeo's conversation with Smith featured a umber of notable social issues.

"It’s upsetting to see the vast majority of people not even paying attention to the real conversation. We have the opportunity to bring up & discuss these important topics, but most people are out here focusing on the less important things," one fan wrote. "Now is definitely not the time for that."

"I'm sorry that you were asked *that* question, but I appreciate your honesty & Grace when answering!!! The interview itself was absolutely amazing & reminds me why you are my biggest role model!!! I love you so much," someone else tweeted.

"The fact that this is the only thing they got from your conversation shows exactly why you need to keep talking. To the rest of us who are “woke” you are an inspiration," another follower commented.

Not everyone felt like this was a big issue, however, as others pointed out that fans of Grey's Anatomy were so invested in the relationship between Pompeo and Dempsy's characters that its not unusual for them to wonder how the two actors are now.


"I'm sad that you is a little upset that this part of the interview was most exposed. It's because the public misses your friendship with him, and watching him talk about it so made us happy, but that does not detract from your interview, by the way, makes it even more beautiful," one fan stated.

Neither Kotb nor Gifford appear to have responded to Pompeo's seemingly -friendly jab.