Elizabeth Hurley Strikes a Pose in Revealing Lingerie Photo

Elizabeth Hurley gave fans a sneak peak of the upcoming episode of The Royals via her Instagram on Friday while decked out in white lacy lingerie that her character will be seen presumably wearing.

(Photo: Instagram / @elizabethhurley1)

"Coming up this weekend- ep 7 of [season 4]," Hurley wrote.

Fans seemed to appreciate Hurley's post.

"Cute Liz you can still pull off a sexy nighty well," one commenter wrote.

"Stop with the amazing hotness, [Elizabeth Hurley], said no one, in their right mind, ever!" wrote another.

"I'm going to have to get Prime again to watch your series!" wrote a third.

Hurley has never been one to shy away from wearing revealing clothing in her social media posts, but the model turned actress has received criticism in recent months for wearing some of the outfits around her son Damien, as well as having him take many of the bikini photos she posts.

The latest post to draw the ire of the comment section was of her sitting with Damien on the set of The Royals while wearing a sexy French maid outfit.

"Does he still breastfeed? If not, cover them up. He is your teenage son," wrote one commenter wrote when Damien posted the picture.

"I'd be running around looking for eye bleach if my mum was dressed like this," another fired off.

Parenting expert Annette Du Bois went so far as to say in an interview with Daily Mail that Hurley's "glamorous lifestyle" could hurt Damien in the long run.

"The fact that she has exposed her son to this world from a young age could potentially mean that Liz has 'normalised' the action of asking her son to take sexy photos," Du Bois said, "Other children or parents looking at Liz's parenting choices will raise eyebrows and may encourage trolling by fellow teens on social media for example who may not have such a candid relationship with their parents."

Hurley has previous defended herself and Damien regarding the photos.


"Here's the thing, he doesn't take all my bikini photos, by the way," Hurley said on an episode of Watch What Happens Live After Show. "Some of them are professional, some of them are my sister, anybody who I can get. When we're on holiday together, sure he'll take some pictures. And you know, he's got a really good eye and he's studying photography and it's ridiculous."