Elizabeth Hurley Gives Update on Nephew's Condition After Brutal Stabbing in London

Elizabeth Hurley provided an update on her nephew Miles Hurley, who was stabbed in London on March 8. Hurley said Miles is "slowly recovering."

elizabeth hurley update on nephew miles stabbing
(Photo: Instagram/Elizabeth Hurley)

"Wishing everyone a peaceful weekend," Hurley wrote on Instagram Saturday. "Thank you to all who sent such kind messages following the news that my nephew [Miles] was viciously stabbed last week. His wound is shocking, he remains in great pain and he can hardly move, but he is slowly recovering."

Hurley praised her sister, Kate Curran, who is also looking out for Miles' friend, who was also stabbed. The Royals actress said she is on her way to India, but is still keeping tabs on her nephew's health.

"My sister is an amazing mother and is looking after him and his friend- who was also stabbed. I have just reached India but am receiving updates throughout the day," Hurley continued. "We need to make our streets safer and I want to be part of the movement to achieve that. I hope you will join me."

Miles, 21, and his friend were stabbed in a brutal attack on Thursday, March 8. Hurley said he lost four pints of blood, and was saved by a nearby police officer who administered first aid until an ambulance arrived at the scene. Police described their injuries as "not life-threatening or life-changing."

"The deepest wound just missed severing his spine," the 52-year-old Hurley wrote on Match 10. "By some miracle no vital organs were damaged. We are praying that these animals are caught before they maim, or even kill, someone else. These are sad days."

Hurley reportedly rushed back to the U.K. after hearing about the attack. She was in the U.S. promoting the new season of E!'s The Royals.

On Friday, Miles returned to Instagram for the first time since the attack, posting a picture of his bloody injury.

"Thank you to everyone for sending kind messages to me. I'm still struggling to walk but am slowly recovering. Thank you to my family for being the best," Miles wrote.

On Thursday, Miles appeared in a friend's photo with the friend who was possibly attacked. "My survivors. Grateful," the third friend wrote. Miles wore a white bathrobe in the photo.


Miles now has over 6,400 followers on Instagram. In a 2013 interview with the Telegraph, Miles said he has a close relationship with his famous aunt.

"I'm really close to my aunt and she's very supportive of everything I do," Miles said at the time. "The best advice she has given me is just to enjoy myself, work hard and be nice to everybody."