Elizabeth Hurley Blasted for Posing in French Maid's Outfit

Elizabeth Hurley recently posed for a photo with her son while wearing a French maid's outfit and social media users are blasting her for it.

(Photo: Instagram/@damianhurley1)

The photo is a behind-the-scenes snap from her series The Royals, and features the actress with her son Damien and co-star Joan Collins.

According to the Daily Mail, many people are upset with Hurley, and feel like she should not be posing in "tacky" clothes in front of her son.

"Does he still breastfeed? If not, cover them up. He is your teenage son," wrote one commenter, while someone else fired off, "I'd be running around looking for eye bleach if my mum was dressed like this."

Parenting Expert Annette Du Bois spoke with the outlet about how Hurley's " glamorous, decadent lifestyle" could be harmful to Damien.

"The fact that she has exposed her son to this world from a young age could potentially mean that Liz has 'normalised' the action of asking her son to take sexy photos," Du Bois said, "Other children or parents looking at Liz's parenting choices will raise eyebrows and may encourage trolling by fellow teens on social media for example who may not have such a candid relationship with their parents."

She also addressed the idea of Damien being the one that Hurley enlists to take the steamy swimsuit pictures she posts of herself, and cited that as potentially damaging behavior as well.

Whilst she gives permission and welcomes her son taking some pictures of her in a swimsuit and other photos in sultry poses, it may be sending out the wrong message to teenage boys.

"It may confuse other teenage boys to think it is ok to take photos of women in swimsuits and holds up the notion of women being perceived as sex symbols," Du Bois added. "I would encourage Liz to stick to him taking the less risqué photos of her. If he is showing a keen interest in photography Liz should explore her son's passion by taking him on trips where he can take pictures of scenery or nature."

Author Cai Graham, who is also a parenting expert, chimed in as well, saying that, "whilst prepared for, and accepting the attention she is receiving on social media posts about herself," Hurley "is inadvertently drawing attention to her son."


"Social media posts do not go away, so I believe that Liz Hurley ought to be acting more responsibly and taking into consideration, " Graham continued. "Whilst she may be personally trying to remain in the media spotlight - her son's life is only just beginning and he probably does not need such media fodder that will be hanging around for years to come."

Neither Hurley nor her son appear to have commented on the controversy at this time.