Elisabeth Hasselbeck Has Fiery Response for Meghan McCain After Coronavirus 'Prayer and Purell' Comments

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is speaking out after Meghan McCain criticized the "dangerous" rhetoric about the coronavirus she used during her return to The View last month. On Friday, just two days after McCain slammed the comments when appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Hasselbeck said that she doesn't "like being misinterpreted," and, with the help of her son, assured viewers that while they are praying amid the pandemic, they are also following guidelines, such as washing hands and social distancing.

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"Meghan- i am going to call you and handle this in the best socially distanced direct manner possible - but hey girl - We are all just doing our best, and I don't know why you are taking an opportunity to be so aggressive toward me during such a stressful time," Hasselbeck captioned the video, going on to write that she "sure did not see this one coming."

"Get your quotes right," she continued. "I never said I had the power to pray covid away. The day at the view I came to visit y'all because our hometown had been slammed with a tornado and lives were lost and a school needed help and I was trying to get word out. Nyc was not even in social distancing yet. It was March 11th- it was before anyone was even quarantining - It was the last day the show was in studio, and your major (sic) was still encouraging visitors to Chinatown and still working out in gyms!"

Hasselbeck pointed out that her "quote was that I am going to pray and purell" before going on her remarks about prayer, stating that "PRAYER will ALWAYS be my FIRST RESPONSE AND MY BEST DEFENSE." She concluded that she was going to pray that McCain "can lay off throwing the social darts at me."


During her March 11 return to The View, Hasselbeck had sparked controversy after she said that while she was going to use Purell and wash her hands, she was also going to""pray that this coronavirus is extinguished," adding that there is a fine line between "what is taking precaution, and what is panic. Although the controversy seemed to die down, it was reignited when McCain was asked about it during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live, during which she accused her former co-host of spreading "misinformation" and said that her words were "dangerous." McCain has not yet reacted to Hasselbeck's latest comments.