Eddie Van Halen's Death Certificate Released, Final Resting Place Revealed

According to his death certificate, Eddie Van Halen's ashes were scattered off the coast of Malibu, California. The legendary rock guitarist died on Oct. 6 at age 65, following a battle with cancer. Van Halen was the founding lead guitarist of Van Halen, including his brother, drummer Alex Van Halen. Van Halen's son, Wolfgang Van Halen, recently released a new tribute song for his father, called "Distance."

Van Halen's body was cremated 2 days ager his death, according to the death certificate obtained by TMZ. The ashes were given to Wolfgang, 29. Sources told TMZ Van Halens' final wishes were to have his ashes scattered off the Malibu coast, into the Pacific Ocean. The document also lists the immediate cause of death as a stroke. He also had skin cancer on his head and neck. His occupation was listed as "musician," and notes that he was born in The Netherlands.

Last month, Wolfgang released a new song as a tribute to his father, which later reached the top spot in the iTunes overall chart. The music video for "Distance" is made up of old home movie footage and has over 3.2 million views on YouTube. On Instagram, Wolfgang said the response left him "speechless" to the track. "The response to 'Distance' has been mind-blowing and I'm so thankful for each and every one of you. Know that the weight of this moment is not lost on me. Thank you," Wolfgang wrote. "Wish you were here for this, Pop."

Wolfgang has repeatedly shut down fan rumors and speculation that he would lead Van Halen and replace his father. Although Wolfgang performed with the band while Van Halen was still alive, Wolfgang said it would be "impossible" to replace his dad. "I think a message to the Van Halen fans [would be that] some things just really suck. I don't have a dad anymore, and I have to figure out how to process that and deal with it," he told Entertainment Tonight. "And, that's the process that Van Halen fans need to go through and realize that you can't have the band anymore without Eddie Van Halen. The music will live on forever, but you can't have [the band] without him."


Sadly, a month after Van Halen died, his widow, Janie Liszewski, revealed that her mother died. She told followers on Instagram; she was "absolutely devastated" by the two deaths and didn't "know how much more I can take." A few days later, Liszewski said she planned to start therapy following the deaths of her husband, mother, and brother, all in the same year. "Sometimes the person perceived as the strongest is actually the weakest," she wrote on Twitter. "Broken & lost but finally starting therapy today for the emotional support & help I need."