Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Says He and Wife Lauren Hashian Experienced Serious COVID-19 Symptoms: 'We Had a Rough Go'

Dwayne Johnson revealed on Wednesday that he and his wife, Lauren Hashian, along with their two children, tested positive for COVID-19 a few weeks ago and have since recovered. In his nearly 12-minute Instagram video, Johnson, also known by his wrestling moniker, The Rock, did reveal that he and his wife experienced some serious symptoms along the way.

His young children avoided going through any severe symptoms, explaining that they only dealt with a minor sore through over the first couple of days. For him and his wife, though, he admits it was "a rough go." Johnson expressed that whenever adversity strikes, he aims to find any silver linings he can. In this instance, he said it was fortunate that his girls, Jazzy and Tia, were able to avoid any severe symptoms while fighting off the coronavirus. "We got through it, and again, we got through it as a family," he said. "We are stronger, we are better and we did it together." In his video, Johnson said they caught the virus from family friends. "And these are people who we love and trust, these are people who we still love and trust," he noted.

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Having gone through all of this, Johnson, who lost his father earlier in the year, placed a lot of emphasis in his video on taking precautions. "I do not want you to get COVID-19," he stated. As he wrote along in his caption, the Fast and Furious star reminded everyone to wear face masks and to be smart about avoiding social gatherings.

In the hours since his reveal, many of his fans reached out to him to express the range of emotions they felt after learning what the family went through together. Plenty of well wishes and words of encouragement were sent his way. All of this comes in a year that has already been extremely difficult for the actor. Johnson, who also recently became an owner of the XFL, lost his father, Rocky Johnson, at the beginning of 2020. The WWE Hall of Famer was 75 at the time of his passing. Johnson called him a "weathered soul" and explained his compassion and love came through "pain and toughness" he experienced when he was younger. His father was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2008.