'Duck Dynasty' Star Sadie Robertson Teases Potential Return to Television With Husband Christian Huff

After making a name for herself through her family's show Duck Dynasty that quickly became a fan-favorite, Sadie Robertson isn't ruling out potentially making a return to the TV. The 22-year-old who recently married husband Christian Huff, isn't completely turning the idea away but is admitting it might be a challenge to bring what fans loved about Duck Dynasty back since everyone is living in separate states these days. Not only that, but a lot has happened in the last several years, including growing their family, so the obstacles that are there she didn't fail to point out.

"I'm not going to say 'never' because we would have never thought we would have a TV show in the first place," she admitted to Entertainment Tonight. "It was crazy. But maybe one day. Everything's changed though. Now I'm married, John Luke and Mary-Kate have a baby — we grew three family members this year. So much life has happened that if we did it, it would look so different, so I don't know."

"And, I think right now, because we live in different places, it would be hard to have that [family-focused] element that made Duck Dynasty what it is," she continued. "Once we're all back in the same place, who knows? Maybe we'll do a little family show."

While it would be a challenge to get her entire family involved since they are so spread out, she didn't turn down the idea of she and Huff having their own show, admitting that they way they parent their dog is "very comical" and would make for great TV. The sweet pair, who are celebrating their three months of marriage this week, are enjoying doing life together. In fact, Robertson says she loves being a wife and that it's super fun getting to have a partner be there with you for every step of the way.

"It's so great to now be married and have a partner doing this with me. He's in school, so he has his own stuff, but just to be there right beside me — it's amazing. It makes everything more fun," she gushed before adding, "Being a wife is so fun. It's honestly just fun to have a person — wake up, go to sleep, do life together, share the stories together. It really does make everything more fun. And, we get to share in the crazy, so it doesn't feel as overwhelming. It's awesome."


Robertson is definitely keeping busy these days with her podcast, public speaking and the launch of her new book Live.