Drew Lachey Teases Brother Nick Lachey Over 'DWTS' Performance

Nick and Drew Lachey are as competitive as any other pair of brothers, they just have a more public way of showing it. That's why Drew couldn't help teasing Nick a little for his performance on Dancing With the Stars this year, while the two were out promoting the reunion of their boy band, 98 degrees.

"He improved every week, which is what you want to see," Drew said of his older brother, in front of reporters from PEOPLE. "I mean, you have people that come in there and they're great week 1, and they're still great week 9, 10, whatever. But you could definitely see improvement with [Nick]."

Drew has room to brag, after winning Dancing With the Stars back in 2006. Nick was eliminated in week four this year, though he tried not to take the loss too personally.

"It was a lot of fun," he said. "It was a lot of work — it was lot more work than I actually thought going into it. It's physically taxing, but also just mentally and emotionally exhausting. But it was definitely a challenge that I'm glad I took on. No regrets at all."

"I just tried to be encouraging," Drew said of his older brother's short run on the competition. "He was like, 'What'd you do when you got 6s?' I was like, 'I don't know — I never got 6s!'"


The brothers see a lot of each other. They co-own a bar called Lachey's Sports Bar in Cincinnati, which opened in 2015. Now, with the upcoming "98 Degrees At Christmas Tour," they're going to be spending even more time together, and there won't be any room for competition.

The boy band came back together for their first headlining tour in a decade and a half last year, and it seems they liked the feeling of being back on stage. Their U.S. tour starts today, and their new album, Let It Snow, is available now.