Video From Dream Kardashian's Birthday Party Has Fans Convinced They Spotted a Cockroach Crawling Near Her Cake

A video from Dream Kardashian's recent birthday party has fans convinced that they've spotted a cockroach crawling near her cake.

In the clip shared to Instagram, little Dream's spread of birthday treats and snacks is shown, with all the food looking particularly delicious.

However, at one point in the video, as the camera passes the blue birthday cake, fans believe they can see a small cockroach crawling around the base of the cake.

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Dreamy’s 2nd birthday party😍🎂💙 #dreamkardashian #robkardashian #blacchyna #kyliejenner #khloekardashian

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Followers of the page where the video now appears have commented on then post, with one person pointing out "I do see the cockroach by the cake."

"It's probably from all of that decorative greenery," another fan said, offering a possible explanation for the bug. "Not a good idea (party planners) Too bad because otherwise it was gorgeous without the plant stuff. I am sure the kids did not notice or care."

"Just hope they noticed before they ate it...," another person joked.

While the 2-year-old was busy celebrating her birthday, her parents Rob Kardashian and Black Chyna have been locked in a heated child support battle.

In recently filed court documents, Kardashian has requested that his child support payments be lowered — or that he be the one to receive child support from Chyna — due to his dire financial situation.

He states that his explosive feud with Chyna in 2017, and the subsequent fallout, caused him to lose income and not be able to film Keeping Up With The Kardashians because of the restraining order she filed against him.

"I have not participated in the filming of any episodes since this summer when [Chyna] filed a request for a restraining order against me," Kardashian explained in the legal paperwork. "Her request was widely publicized and I was scrutinized by the media."

"It has been an extraordinarily difficult time for me emotionally and I have no desire to continue participating in the reality show. I would like to maintain my privacy, try to recover from the emotional damage of the past several months, and explore other business ventures," he added.

Kardashian went on to reveal that he was forced to sell half of his his Arthur George sock line to his mother, Kris Jenner, when things got bad.

"When the business was struggling, my mother infused it with capital to keep it afloat and from her infusion gained a 50 percent share in the company," Kardashian said, per the documents.


"Previously, the line's success was in large part due to my regular posting and general promotion on social media," he continued. "Angela's request for a restraining order against me includes various prohibitions on what I could post online. In order to avoid any potential future issues, I nearly eliminated my social media presence."

A judge in the case has reportedly halted all child support payments while the matter is sorted out.