Drake Bell Reacts to Josh Peck's Big Baby News

Drake Bell is overjoyed by news that his former co-star, Josh Peck is expecting a baby, judging by his latest Instagram post.

Peck and his wife, Paige O'Brien, announced that they were expecting on Thursday. The news got a huge reaction from fans, particularly those that have been following Peck since the Nickelodeon days, but his former on-screen step brother might have been the happiest of all.

"It was hard keeping this one in!!" Bell wrote in a post first thing on Friday morning. "I could NOT be happier for these two! Congratulations to @shuapeck and @paigeobrienn!!! Ima be an Uncle!!! I love you two so much and am so excited!!!! Also cutest pic EVER!!"

Bell's post featured the same picture as Peck's announcement — a heart-warming shot of Peck and O'Brien standing side by side and smiling. O'Brien's baby bump is just beginning to show in the photo.

josh peck paige o'brien pregnant instagram
(Photo: Instagram/Josh Peck)

"Congratulations!!!!" Bell commented on Peck's post on Thursday, including a string of baby-related emojis.

"Thanks bro!" Peck responded, along with two kissy-face emojis.

Of course, a small group of fans were still suspicious about the outpouring of love after the Drake & Josh alums' public spat in the last year. When Peck and O'Brien got married last summer, Bell did not get an invite, and he made no secret of how badly this hurt him.

"True colors have come out today," he tweeted at the time. "Message is loud and clear. Ties are officially cut. I'll miss you brother."

Not long after that, he gave an interview with Too Fab that had something of a mixed message. Reporters asked why Bell really thought he had not been invited.

"He doesn't like me!" The actor said emphatically. "And the extra chicken would have been really expensive — like another $7.95 or something like that."

"It was a small wedding," he added in a more serious tone. "I think there was something like 30 or 50 people there." Peck reportedly told Bell that his "wife handled it."

In the end, Bell admitted to Entertainment Tonight that he should have handled the whole interaction differently.

"Yeah, I said the ties are cut or whatever, but I should have just texted that to him, you know. I was just being cranky," he explained.


By all accounts, the two are better friends than ever. Still, after all the personal snipes and social media drama, some find it hard to root for them at times like these.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / WireImage / Kevin Mazur