Dove Cameron Admits She's 'Dating a Couple People' Right Now

Dove Cameron has recently begun opening up about her sexuality after coming out as "super queer" last year, and she further discussed her dating life in a new interview with Refinery 29. "It's messy right now. I'm dating a couple people," she said. "It's pretty watery, the intimacy of the world that I find myself in now."

Cameron's current stage of dating follows her breakup with actor Thomas Doherty last year after the two were together for three years. She was previously engaged to Ryan McCartan, who she had met while working on the Disney Channel show Liv & Maddie. "I fall so in love with people," she said. "It's like, 'Oh my god, the world is new, everything I thought I knew before is a f—ing lie, we're all going to die tonight and live forever."

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The 25-year-old came out to fans in an Instagram Live in 2020, telling them, "Guys, I really needed to explain something to you, Maybe I haven't said it, but I'm super queer." Despite her revelation, she felt like it didn't stick in people's minds until she covered Gay Times in June 2021. "People need me to have a f—ing megaphone," she said. "I came out a year ago and thought that was going to be it. I didn't realize that nobody f—ing knew."

Cameron explained that when she started working as an actor, "there was so much performative femininity happening, especially around 2012, especially being blonde on the Disney Channel." "I didn't stand a f—ing chance," she said, explaining that her appearance made her straight-passing. "Being 15 years old, my father had just passed away, and there was a lot of looking for male validation, right? Trying to please a massive corporation like Disney, I never had a conversation with them about my sexuality. They never asked me to hide anything. It's more that people see me and go, 'Oh, femme, straight, heterosexual, blonde.' Who is going to look at me and guess otherwise? Everybody knew Kristen Stewart was gay. Nobody is going to think I'm gay. Nobody."


Cameron added that she has always known she wasn't straight. "There was a girl, her name was Erin, we met in theater [class]," she recalled. "We were having a bath, as 8-year-olds do. She was washing my hair, and she said, 'I love you, I'm in love with you.' I was like, 'I'm in love with you, too.' We were 8, but it continued from there into our early adulthood — we held hands, we would kiss, it was early love."