Doris Day Reacts to the Passing of Her 'Beloved Pal' Rose Marie

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Following the passing of actress Rose Marie at the age of 94, one of the former Dick Van Dyke Show star's closest friends, Doris Day, is speaking out.

Having appeared on The Doris Day Show from 1969 to 1971, Marie formed a solid friendship with America's sweetheart and lead star, Day. And while she 95-year-old might have left Hollywood in 1973, she maintained relationships from the industry for years to come.

On Friday, Day sent a message via her foundation, the Doris Day Animal Foundation to express sadness over her "beloved pal."

"Doris and all of us at the Doris Day Animal Foundation are heartbroken over the passing of Doris' beloved pal, 'Ro,'" the foundation wrote via their Facebook. "Doris just recently spoke to Fox News about their long-time friendship, going back to the fun times they shared on The Doris Day Show."

The foundation goes on to add that Doris will "miss their regular phone conversations."

With the two bonding over many things over the years, the foundation goes on to write that the late actress was a "kindred spirit when it came to animals."

"She donated some of her famous black bows for one of DDAF's silent auctions in honor of Doris' birthday, and later, as part of her 90th birthday celebration, Rose asked her fans to make donations to DDAF," they wrote. "We will be forever grateful for her kindness and generosity and will miss her tremendous talents. Our hearts go out to her daughter, Noopy."

In an interview with FOX earlier this month, Day says the two really bonded.

"Ro and I hit it off from the first time we met nearly 50 years ago and have been friends ever since," Day said in an interview with FOX. "We spent countless hours on the set of my TV show talking and laughing. I loved working with her, but you couldn't call it work because we had so much fun."


Rose Marie, who played Sally Rogers on The Dick Van Dyke Show, died Thursday at the age of 94. Her publicist, Harlan Boll, confirmed her death on Marie's website. She died at 2 p.m. in Van Nuys, California.