Dolph Lundgren Teases His 'Interesting' New Documentary on His Life (Exclusive)

Dolph Lundgren has been in Hollywood for nearly 40 years, appearing in films such as Rocky IV, The Punisher, Creed II, Aquaman and all the movies in The Expendables franchise. Thanks to the 64-year-old actor's long career, he is producing his own documentary called Dolph. recently caught up with Lundgren who teased details about the new documentary. 

"I'd say, it's about halfway done," Lundgren exclusively told PopCulture. "They were in Europe, shooting me during Expendables, and Aquaman, and they've interviewed friends of mine. Arnold [Schwarzenegger], [Sylvester] Stallone, my family, people I... You know, Grace Jones. We tried to track her down. It wasn't easy, but I ran into [her] in London, actually. People that have been there, throughout the years. They shot in Sweden, back where I grew up."    

Dolph was announced in November, and Score G Productions along with Famous Red Car Pictures are producing the film with Lundgren's Red Orn Productions. Adam Scorgie and Shane Fennessey are the lead producers, while Andrew Holmes is writing and directing the documentary. Lundgren is looking forward to the final product, but the documentary is a little strange for him at the same time. 

"I think they probably have another few months of shooting left," Lundgren revealed. "But for me, personally, it's been interesting, because I look forward, usually. I look into the future. I don't care about the past so much, but when you're doing this documentary, you revisit your own life, and you start kind of... Appreciate what you've done more. Like, I appreciate a little more, the decisions I made, and the hardships I went through. You become a little kinder to yourself, because you realize, Yeah. It was a tough time, but it turned out okay so far."


Speaking on the future, Lundgren revealed what's next for him in terms of his career. "Well, I got these three movies coming out, Minions, [Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom] and [The Expandables 4]," Lundgren revealed. "Then I'm directing a smaller picture, an action thriller, taking place on the Mexican border, U.S.-Mexican border, that I've had for 10 years, the script, but I'm in the process now of putting it together. We're going to shoot in New Mexico and California, in April."