'Dog the Bounty Hunter': Lyssa Chapman Slams 'Disgusting Woman' for 'Moving in on' Widower Months After Stepmom Beth Chapman's Death

Lyssa Chapman has some choice words for Moon Angell after she allegedly started a relationship with Duane Chapman, better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter. To make matters more awkward, this accusation comes just months after wife Beth Chapman passed away from cancer. Taking to Twitter, Lyssa Chapman called Moon Angell "the lowest scum on the planet."

Angell initially responded to a now-deleted tweet that was quick to give an all-caps reply, calling Lyssa Chapman "Lil Miss TMZ Rat." After Lyssa Chapman called her a "disgusting woman," she continued, accusing the reality star of riding her father's coattails ever since she "showed up as a drug addict from Alaska."

Naturally, the two Dog the Bounty Hunter co-stars continued to go at each other, with Baby Lyssa asking how well she thinks "talking shit about his baby" will go for her relationship with her bounty-hunting father.

Amidst the backlash, Angell continued to defend herself with the caps lock on, saying that Dog initially reached out to her three months after his wife's passing and that she continued to do the job she'd done for 21 years: be his assistant. Lyssa Chapman later tweeted that she blocked Angell on the platform, adding "so annoying."

This isn't the only online hornet's nest the reality star has found herself in the middle of. Earlier today, she accused Justin Bihag, another Dog the Bounty Hunter regular, of stealing her stepmom's ashes. She also brought up an old lawsuit that he had brought against the elder Chapman and the A&E network over low pay.


"[Justin Bihag] had been harassing me for months. He's a punk ass b— who's using my dads vulnerability against him. [He] has tried to rob my family TO MANY TIMES," she tweeted.