DJ Khaled Clears up Confusion Over Kanye West Wearing Wedding Ring in Photo

DJ Khaled may have stirred some Kimye fans on Instagram after posting a photo of the DJ and Kanye West in the studio. It seems like a regular picture on the surface, but some perceptive fans noticed the Yeezy designer was still sporting his wedding ring amid the couple's divorce. However, Khaled tells Entertainment Tonight there's not much mystery behind the photo.

"First of all, God bless him and his family, remember this was a while ago, and when I say a while ago, like, when I was first starting to create my album," Khaled says. "And I was just playing him song ideas I had so this was long, not too long ago, this was like way before, you know, all that and I want to send my love to him and his family and his kids, you know what I mean? God bless him and his whole family, you know?"

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He reveals his day started by meeting the "Yeezus" artist in his backyard for a vegan breakfast before they got to work on their latest creation. "One of my team members knocked on the door, 'Yo, Khaled, Mr. West is in your backyard,' so I go to my backyard and he's eating scrambled eggs with ketchup because he asked my chef to make them and some vegan bacon," he recalls. "And we was just kicking it, catching a vibe, and catching up and he gave me a surprise visit. We ended up going into my studio of my house and we just ended up playing each other music. ... And there was just a vibe, you know what I'm saying? It was just a vibe and, like, you know, I was grateful to have a great conversation with him but at the same time hear some of his music, and he heard some of my music."


Along with songs from West, the 2021 album, Khaled Khaled, also features songs from Drake, Justin Bieber, Megan thee Stallion, and more. Most notably, he collaborated with Nas and Jay-Z, two rappers with a history of beef between them, on the song "Sorry Not Sorry." "That song is so inspiring and motivating but so beautiful at the same time," he says of the hit. "And you know, Nas and JAY-Z are like two of my favorite MCs ever and to put them together and to know what they've been through and where they come from ... what they've been through together, to be able to make this beautiful song to inspire everybody ... You know, you have to look at this like, man, this is what you call unity ... coming together, and when you come together, they spread the light, they spread the love, and it's inspiring."