Yet Another Diddy Sexual Assault Allegation Surfaces

This time, she says Diddy's ex, Kim Porter, was involved.

Just days after the hotel surveillance video of Sean "Diddy" Combs was leaked of him brutally beating his ex-girlfriend Cassie, another woman has come forward with sexual assault allegations. 

In the new suit obtained by TMZ. April Lampros says she met Diddy in New York while she was attending the Fashion Institute of Technology, and she says he offered to mentor her in the fashion industry. Lampros says Diddy began showering her with gifts and attention, and says they met up in 1995 at a bar where he plied her with alcohol and then brought her back to his room at the Millennium Hotel. From there, she says she began to feel physically and mentally unstable as Diddy allegedly started to force himself on her. Despite still being conscious, she was inebriated and unable to consent, claiming he raped her. Lampros says she woke up the next morning "nude, sore and confused." Their encounters were on and off from there. 

She heard from Diddy months after the alleged rape and says he lured her back to him with access to music industry events. Her attorney describes her as a "hopeful yet naive college student and took Mr. Combs at his word and believed that the first rape was a possible mulligan and decided to give him a second chance." But his alleged misconduct continued. 

While on their way to dinner, walking to his car in a parking garage, she says he forced her to perform oral sex on him. After that alleged incident, she says she rejected his continued invitations, and he grew angry, calling her constantly and threatening to blacklist her in the industry. According to Lampros, he developed a "mobster persona."

In the suit, she notes an incident occurred in 1996 when he "ordered" her to his apartment, and when she got there, she was introduced to Kim Porter, his girlfriend at the time and the mother of three of his children. She claims he forced ecstasy down her throat, and then demanded she have sex with Porter while he masturbated. She says he raped her again. 

Lampros says she ended things with him for good in 1998 but then had a run-in with Porter at a restaurant where she was working. She says Porter told the restaurant owner Lampros that he tried to poison her, and if he didn't fire her, Diddy would shut down his business. She says she was fired. Porter died in 2018 at the age of 47 from pneumonia. 

In their final encounter, she says she and Diddy ran into each other in the early 2000s when he was dating Jennifer Lopez. They exchanged pleasantries which she says took a turn with Diddy coming back to her apartment and "violently grabbing her and forcing himself onto her." This time, she says she fought back and he left. She recently claims a man she was dating caught wind of alleged sex tapes featuring her and Diddy, which she says she didn't consent to.

The derailment of the hip-hop mogul's career was jumpstarted by Cassie's explosive November 2023 lawsuit accusing the Sean John founder of domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking throughout the span of their decade-plus relationship. Several women, and men, have come forward with similar allegations. Diddy initially denied all claims until the video of him beating Cassie forced him to apologize on Instagram. He settled the $30 million lawsuit with Cassie within 24 hours of her filing.