Did Meghan Markle Come Back to Instagram?

Royal duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle may have just found another way to break royal [...]

Royal duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle may have just found another way to break royal protocol.

Rumors are flying around that Markle herself may just be in charge of she and Prince Harry's new Instagram account. Royal watchers are noticing little details from the way she spells certain words to the terms she uses are all colorful clues that the former Suits actress may be the one in charge.

According to Entertainment Tonight, one of the more apparent clues is the way Markle is spelling certain captions. American spellings versus British spellings are slightly different when it comes to some words. For example, the new account is using the word "organization" and "re-energized" which are American ways of spelling the words; however, among the British they use "s" instead of "z."

In another caption, fans got another clue when she used the word "diapers," instead of "nappies" when referring to the Baby2Baby organization and in a separate post, the account referred to both American and British currency.

While the account still leans heavy on British spellings and terms, these changes have peaked the interest of many around the world.

It wouldn't be a complete shock if Markle was behind the social media handle, after all, she used to have her own lifestyle blog, The Tig. Since the American actress turned into a royal family member, she's had to give up quite a bit of her own freedom to do so, and maybe this is the family's way of allowing her to still hold on to some of her American ways.

Despite all of the clues that have everyone guessing, this isn't the first time their account has caught a mass amount of attention. Less than six hours after the royal couple launched their new Instagram account, they gained one million followers, which Guinness World Records said was reached in record time. Now, the account sits at 4.7 million followers.

While this is an exciting thought, what's even more exciting is the birth of the royal baby which everyone seems to be anticipating. A royal spokesperson has announced that the baby has not arrived despite some rumors.

"If you believe that [she had her baby,] you'd believe anything," Dickie Arbiter, the former royal press secretary said. "It's really a case of keeping the royal rumor mill going — a good story sells a newspaper but, quite frankly, there isn't any substance to it."

The royal company recently said they had plans to keep the birth private until they were ready to share the exciting news with the world.

"We'll know in due course when the baby is born," Arbiter stated. "Harry and Meghan made it very clear that the birth is going to be private. There aren't going to be any advance notices, and they will release any details once they've had time to bond with the baby ... The birth will come as they said, in late-April, early May, and we just need to hold our horses until then."