Demi Lovato: 'Intervention' Personality Jeff VanVonderen Weighs in on Her Overdose

A&E Intervention specialist Jeff VanVonderen is weighing in on Demi Lovato's apparent overdose.

Following news that the 25-year-old "Skyscraper" singer had been rushed to the hospital last Tuesday for an apparent overdose, Jeff VanVonderen, who has appeared on the A&E series Intervention, spoke to TMZ about the incident and what it potentially means for Lovato's sobriety moving forward.

"I'm very glad that the person went in the room and noticed the problem. I'm very glad that they responded so quickly. I'm very glad that they used Narcan, because that's a life saver," VanVonderen said.

The Intervention specialist also offered Lovato some tough love, claiming that reports that she had "suffered" an overdose were inaccurate, instead claiming that the 25-year-old's relapse was a result of her choice to stop using the tools she had at her disposal that had helped her remain sober for six years.

"The headlines said 'Demi Lovato Suffers an Overdose.' She didn't suffer an overdose, she chose to use and caused an overdose. Do you understand?" VanVonderen explained. "Suffer sounds like it's one step away from her actually being responsible for the overdose. Suffers an overdose is someone sneaks into your room and shoots you up. Then you suffer an overdose. But she chose to stop using the tools, to stop leaning on the people that she had around her, and then her use caused an overdose."

However, despite his harsh stance, VanVonderen also offered hope, stating that Lovato still has those tools at her disposal and stating his belief and hope that the Grammy-nominated artist will be able to use those same tools again to remain sober.

"She probably has the tools that she needs. She just stopped using them. I can't imagine, if it's a big enough crisis, she's in big enough trouble and has taken far enough steps back, she might need to do rehab again or maybe outpatient. I don't know. But she's got the tools, and I think the six years proves that," he concluded.

Lovato, who had celebrated six years of sobriety in March, revealed in her newest single "Sober," which was released in June, that she had relapsed. In the years leading up to her relapse, the 25-year-old had been open about her struggles with body image, bulimia, addiction, and bipolar disorder and had received support from her fans.


It is believed that following her release from the hospital, where she is currently still recovering, Lovato will enter a rehab facility.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @angelokritikos