Demi Lovato Delivers Another Steamy Striped Swimsuit Shot

While most of the world wallows in winter, Demi Lovato is keeping the steamy photos coming on Instagram. The singer is apparently feeling unseasonably warm, as she posed for yet another photo in her striped swimsuit yesterday.


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Lovato has appeared in the same number before. A week and a half ago, she took a mirror selfie in the swimsuit which left little to the imagination, and threw her followers into a frenzy.

In ❤️ with this bathing suit... 😌🍒💋

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Evidently the caption did not lie, as Lovato appears to be in love with that bathing suit.

A couple of days later, Lovato snapped another picture in the same bathing suit, this time from the back. This one went up on her temporary Instagram story, though it was so scandalous it didn't last long. She deleted it shortly after.

Yesterday, it appears Lovato finally took the swimsuit out for a spin in the water. She was photographed in an in-ground pool, casually leaning on the edge in her new favorite one-piece. It looks as though she might be at an indoor pool, though it's hard to tell since she's also wearing sunglasses.


Wherever she is, it's obviously warmer than the east coast, which is still frozen solid after Thursday's brutal snow storm. Lovato, on the other hand, doesn't look the least bit chilly.