Debra Messing Posts Greta Thunberg Nobel Peace Prize Tweet, and Social Media Is Firing Off

Greta Thunberg might be just 16-years-old, but she continues to make a huge impact everywhere she goes with her impassioned message about climate change, and what our political leaders must do to fix it. This week, the Swedish teenager was at the United Nations where she made a fiery speech that blew up social media, and it seems one person who took notice was Will & Grace star, Debra Messing.

On Wednesday, the actress took to her Twitter feed to post a link to a March 14 PEOPLE article about Thunberg being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Messing added nothing else to the tweet, other than headline from the article: "Swedish Environmental Activist Greta Thunberg, 16, Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize."

And that didn't stop people from using her mentions to sound off on Thunberg.

"Yet another Nobel Peace Prize will be given to someone who has done absolutely nothing to earn it. If being crappy to POTUS qualifies you, all you hysterical lefties would have one. The democrats have totally delegitimized this award," one person replied.

"She used a lot of fuel flying her crew to New York and getting home, not to mention the carbon footprint! This isn't some little girl with a big imagination! She has a huge backing and her speech was written for her! I know I checked!," a grown user wrote.

But it wasn't all anti-Thunberg.

"She not only totally deserves it, but also imagine how pissed off Trump will be when she gets one and he doesn't. I mean, win-win for the world," a commenter wrote.

"Great article. Greta is a force indeed. Her message resonates and has ignited a wave," replied another.


Thunberg and Trump have developed an unlikely rivalry. A video of her giving Trump the evil eye as the two arrived at the United Nations went viral. After she later gave a moving speech, in which she scolded current political leaders, Trump, a 73-year-old, tweeted sarcastically that Thunberg, "seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!"

She seems unfazed by all of this. On Wednesday, she tweeted a thread about the "haters" who are attacking her for everything except the merits of her arguments. Thunberg says it's because they are "threatened" by her message.