'Deadliest Catch' Star Neal Hillstrand Getting Divorced, 'Time Bandit' Ownership Brought up in Proceedings

Former Deadliest Catch star Neal Hillstrand is reportedly getting divorced, and his fishing vessel, the Time Bandit, has been brought up in the proceedings.

Hillstrand and his wife, Sugayle Marie Hillstrand, are trying to untangle their lives and assets, and according to a new report by TMZ, Sugayle wants to make sure she gets her piece of the Time Bandit. New court documents show that Hillstrand has one-third ownership over the boat, which he shares with his two brothers. If the three of them ever decide to sell it, he now owes Sugayle a cut.

In the event that the three captains sell the Time Bandit, Sugayle is now entitled to a $10,000 check. This is apparently considered her fair share of the vessel, regardless of what it would hypothetically sell for. At this time, there is no indication that the boat is or will be up for sale.

The boat is reportedly the biggest asset between Hillstrand and Sugayle in the divorce, although their are others. Hillstrand is keeping the $340,000 home that the couple previously lived in together, as well as a 1969 Chevy Malibu they once shared. Meanwhile, Sugayle is keeping two relatively new SUVs that they owned together — a 2012 GMC Sierra, and a 2006 GMC Envoy.

Sugayle will reportedly also receive a few months of alimony payments. Hillstrand filed for divorce on Oct. 29, 2018. He paid his estranged wife $15,000 in November, and is bound to pay her another $1,500 each month for the next six months.

As for the boat, chances seem slim that Hillstrand will ever sell it off. He and his brothers left the cast of Deadliest Catch behind at the end of Season 13, and while fans missed them last spring, they do not seem interested in returning. Back in October, Johnathan posted on Twitter thanking fans for their encouraging posts. While he did not show any interest in getting back on TV, he did write that the Time Bandit is doing well.

"Thank You everyone for all your encouraging posts," Johnathan wrote. "God Bless You All! My wife and I have been busy moving to pierce county. The Time Bandit is all put back together and running Great. Eddie Sr., Eddie Jr and Axel are bringing it back to Homer. I'll keep you all posted."


There is still no release date, trailer or other information for the next season of Deadliest Catch. However, it is safe to assume the show will be back on Discovery some time in mid-2019.