Dax Shepard Recovering After Struggling With Annoying Health Issue for 50 Hours

Dax Shepard is recovering after a harrowing ordeal that likely pales in comparison to other more serious harrowing ordeals, but it still earns the name. The CHiPs and Bless This Mess star revealed on Instagram that he suffered for 50 hours from an affliction that has caught many in its frigid grip over the years. That's right, 50 hours of hiccups.

Shepard posted about the ordeal on Friday with videos showing just what he had been dealing with, adding in the caption, "what a ride!!!" In the two videos with the post, Shepard explained he was nearly at his end with the hiccups.

"We have been hiccup free for five days today. For anyone who has permanent hiccups, god bless. I don't know if I could have gone a week with those without intervening with a cycle of cyanide," Shepard said. He had some help from his wife Kristen Bell, who appears in the first clip and adds that she heard him hiccuping all night long after it started.

"They went away for stretches today," Shepard continues explaining while keeping his throat cleared. "A couple hours in the afternoon, and I want to say there was an hour of freedom [elsewhere]."

The second clip is far direr and has Shepard admitting that he underwent "a good deal of hiccup-induced puking" and things "escalated" to where every breath was a challenge. Despite this, PEOPLE adds that it is possible to deal with hiccups for over 48 hours and long-term incidents result from nerve damage, irritation, central nervous system disorders, alcoholism, drug abuse, diabetes or kidney disease.


Meanwhile, cures for the hiccups off the top of my head include drinking hot sauce, having someone scare you, scaring someone yourself, holding your breath, drinking water or unleashing righteous anger on the world. All backed by science and down-home knowledge.

Shepard isn't sure what caused his bout, but he is past the trial and wants fans to know he will be fine. At least he should be fine. He still has to help with two kids and deal with his wife's hijinks. Imagine all the singing!