David Cassidy's Estate Refusing to Pay Legal Bills

The personal representative of David Cassidy's will is refusing to pay the law firms who are suing the late musician.

Cassidy's financial troubles late in life came to the surface after his death. A law firm called Rodier & Rodier first sued Cassidy in 2013, claiming he owed them thousands of dollars for legal work they performed over the course of five years. All told, the fees totalled $134,221.50. At the time, Cassidy was able to pay $31,387.50, leaving a balance of $102,834 due.

In 2015, Cassidy filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Rodier & Rodier was listed as a creditor on that case, which was later dismissed, but the debt was never discharged.

The law firm rounded their claim down to $102,000, and was preparing to go after it in court in October of 2017. They filed documents in a Florida court on Oct. 3, and a hearing was set for Dec. 20. Unfortunately, on Nov. 21, Cassidy passed away, leaving the executors of his will to sort out any financial entanglements.

Still, Rodier & Rodier persisted, suing Cassidy's estate on Dec. 22 for the remainder of his debt. Cassidy's will claimed his assets totalled about $150,000, but mandated that all of it be given over to his son, Beau.

Another lawyer is also claiming a piece of Cassidy's estate. According to The Blast, Damaso Saavedra is suing for $19,006.02 worth of unpaid legal fees.

The representative of the estate has filed court documents objecting to both Saavedra and Rodier & Rodier's claims. They've refused to pay both creditors, and given then 30 days to file an action against the estate.


Cassidy's estate has been the subject of a lot of debate since his death. The late singer pointedly left everything to his son Beau, and completely cut out his daughter, Katie. The Partridge Family star had been suffering from dementia in his later years, and couldn't seem to decide what kind of relationship he had with his daughter.